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Installation Services

Installation Services

Emails are a fundamental part of communication in the business world. Companies communicate more efficiently using private email servers. Email servers consist of software and hardware combinations used to send, receive, and store email messages. If not set up correctly, these servers can lead to challenging issues in the future. Therefore, many companies outsource the setup of email servers to professional IT experts or service providers. At BHA Technology, we provide support precisely at this point.

For the setup services of email servers, the following process is followed:

Determining Needs:

Before setting up the email server, the exact needs of the organizations are determined. User count, migration and capacity needs, storage requirements, security policies, the email clients to be used, and many other factors are identified. This information helps in selecting the right email server solution.

Server Selection:

The most suitable email server hardware is determined based on the identified requirements. Meetings with IT administrators are held to select the most accurate server. The chosen server should be suitable for the size and specific requirements of the company.

Hardware and Software Installation:

Icewarp Mail Server stands out in terms of cost and reliability compared to other popular email server software. Additionally, options such as Microsoft Exchange-Office 365, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Postfix are available. The selected email server software is installed and configured on suitable hardware. At this stage, all necessary settings are made to enhance the performance and security of the email server. BHA Technology is a licensed authorized seller for Icewarp, Microsoft, and Google Workspace products.

"At BHA Technology, we assist our customers in using multiple email server software on the same domain."

Implementation of Security Policies:

Email server security is of great importance. Therefore, security policies are created during the installation phase. The planning is approved and implemented with IT administrators. These policies may include security measures such as spam filtering, virus scanning, authentication, and encryption after installation. We assist in selecting and providing the most suitable product through our partnerships with licensed providers (Microsoft, Icewarp, etc.).

Data Migration:

During the email server setup, it is essential to smoothly transfer existing email accounts and data to the new server. This is important for users to maintain access to their old email accounts. BHA Technology takes a cautious approach in critical processes like data migration, planning it in detail with IT administrators during the installation process.

Training and Support:

Once the email server setup is complete, it is important to provide training to IT administrators and offer support to solve problems. At this point, we assist IT administrators in effectively using the email system.

The email server setup services we provide help companies establish a reliable and efficient email communication infrastructure. These services play a critical role in ensuring business continuity, protecting data, and increasing communication efficiency. A professional IT service provider is essential to facilitate the setup process and minimize issues. At BHA Technology, we are aware of this responsibility.

Remember that the setup of email servers can be complex, and the needs of each business are different. Therefore, seeking help from professional experts is always the best option.