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Icewarp Health Check Package

Health check (system health check) for Icewarp servers is crucial for the security and efficiency of businesses' communication infrastructure.

If email communication is not managed securely, it can become vulnerable to potential threats. This is where health check services for mail servers come into play. These services help businesses optimize the security and efficiency of their email infrastructure.

In this context, we examine and prepare reports on all technical aspects of businesses' email infrastructure. Our health check package includes the following elements:

Security Review: Evaluates the security of the email server, identifies potential security vulnerabilities, and threats.

Performance Review: Assesses the performance of the email server and suggests improvements when needed.

Data Backup and Recovery Evaluation: Evaluates the secure backup and recovery of email data.

Update and Patch Management: Checks if the email server is up to date and manages updates and patches.

Filtering and Security Policy Review: Evaluates the effectiveness of spam filters, virus scanning, and security policies.

Health check services for mail servers offer several advantages to businesses:

Security: Identifies potential security vulnerabilities and enhances the security of the business's email communication.

Performance Improvement: Enhances the performance of the email server and ensures communication efficiency.

Data Loss Prevention: Prevents data loss by securely backing up and recovering email data.

Keeping Updated: Keeps the email server up to date and secure through update and patch management.

Business Continuity: Assists in maintaining uninterrupted email communication.

As a response to advancing technology and cybersecurity threats, the scope and importance of these services continue to emerge.

  1. Discovery analysis is conducted with our expert engineers, and a detailed report is published.
  2. A required application and operational plan are outlined based on the generated report.
  3. The system undergoes traceable, reportable, and manageable condition checks.
  4. An inventory of assets is created for email servers.
  5. General security policies for email servers are checked.
  6. An analysis of corporate habits and user behaviors is conducted.
  7. Creates usage policies tailored to corporate habits and user behaviors.
  8. Local/cloud backups and disaster scenarios of corporate email servers are audited.
  9. Licenses and updates are checked for their statuses.
  10. A health check of email structures is prepared by reviewing all data to assess their health status.