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Icewarp Migration Package

Over time, business needs can change, security requirements may increase, or transitioning to an email service provider offering better performance might be considered. This is where email server migration services come into play.

Performance and Scalability: As your business grows or when your existing server resources become insufficient, transitioning to a larger and more scalable email infrastructure becomes necessary.

Security: When the number of security breach incidents increases, moving to a more secure email server ensures the protection of your sensitive data.
Cost Savings: Maintaining and managing the current infrastructure can be expensive. Transitioning to a more efficient service provider reduces these costs.
Redundancy: Moving to an email server with stronger backup and data recovery features ensures better business continuity.

Email server migration process must be carefully planned and implemented. BHA Technology takes a cautious approach in such critical processes.

Alongside performance and security improvements, our Icewarp server migration package can provide at least a 50% cost savings. Our process is as follows:

  1. Determination of Requirements:
    Firstly, the company's needs and goals are identified. This is crucial in the selection of a new server or service provider.

  2. Selection of the New Email Server:
    Among popular email server software, Icewarp Mail Server stands out in terms of cost and reliability compared to others.

  3. Data Migration:
    Existing email accounts, messages, and data are transferred to the new Icewarp server. This data migration process is critical for ensuring uninterrupted communication.

  4. Configuration and Testing:
    The new infrastructure is configured and tested. During this phase, security settings, email filtering, data backup, and user accounts are set up.

  5. Training and Support:
    IT administrators receive training on using the new email service, and support is provided.

  6. Transition Process:
    The email migration process is carried out in a planned manner, ensuring a smooth transition from the existing email service to the new one without disruptions.