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BHA Technology is a "Icewarp" authorized distrubutor

Icewarp Installation Package

Improper installation of Icewarp servers can lead to challenging problems that are hard to overcome in the future. At BHA Technology, we provide support precisely at this point.

Below are the processes for the installation of Icewarp servers;

  1. Identification of Needs:
    Before the Icewarp installation, the company's requirements are precisely determined. Factors such as the number of users, migration and capacity needs, storage requirements, security policies, the email clients to be used, and many other aspects are identified. This information helps in selecting the right email server solution.

  2. Server Selection:
    Based on the identified requirements, the most suitable email server hardware is determined. Meetings are held with IT administrators to select the most appropriate server. The chosen server should be suitable for the company's size and specific needs.

  3. Hardware and Software Installation:
    The Icewarp software is installed and configured on the appropriate hardware. During this stage, all necessary settings are configured to enhance the performance and security of the email server. BHA Teknoloji is an authorized licensed vendor for Icewarp, Microsoft, and Google Workspace products.

  4. Implementation of Security Policies:
    During the Icewarp installation phase, security policies are created, and the planning is approved in collaboration with IT administrators. These policies encompass security measures such as spam filtering, virus scanning, authentication, and encryption to be implemented after the installation.

  5. Data Migration:
    During the Icewarp installation, it may be necessary to seamlessly transfer existing email accounts and data to the new server. This is crucial for users to maintain access to their old email accounts. BHA Technology takes a cautious approach to such critical processes. Data migration planning is meticulously discussed with IT administrators during the installation process.

  6. Training and Support:
    Once the email server installation is complete, providing Icewarp training to IT administrators and offering support to resolve issues becomes crucial. At this point, we assist IT administrators in effectively utilizing the email system.