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Oct 17, 2023 - Tuesday Icewarp Blacklist Control Module

It checks the specified file for IP addresses written to it against known blacklists and notifies administrator email addresses. Tasks can be added to the task scheduler at desired intervals. If there are multiple IP groups on the machine, it organizes the clean IP address as the outgoing IP.

Icewarp User Quota Control Module

Notifies administrator email addresses of quota information for users associated with the domain in Icewarp. Can be added to the task scheduler on a monthly basis.

Active Directory - Icewarp User Cleanup Module

Ensures the cleanup of files in Icewarp for users deleted by Active Directory.

Automatic Let's Encrypt Mail SSL Generation Module

Automatically adds an SSL certificate to domain names created on the server.

Icewarp Easy Log Search Module

Finds a word in a relevant log line in log folders (excluding zip files) and writes it to a separate text file.